Country Gender Profiles

A country gender profile provides a background on the gender equality situation in a particular country. The specific objectives are to present data and provide a gender analysis of national policies, key sectors, legal frameworks, institutions and the assessment of progress made in the promotion of gender equality and empowerment of women.

The profile will entail a brief description of the history, demographics, national policies, human rights, socio-economic and political situation per country for each of the 22 Arab countries. The CGPs share statistics and information on gender issues across a variety of sectors in each Arab country, providing an unbiased source of information for readers. The CGPs are a platform from which researchers, students, activists, and others can begin their work based on reliable information – vetted by gender specialists from each country. Finally, the CGPs are meant to be living documents, updated with new information as statistics change and more studies are done. We are not creating something new, but rather compiling the information to make it useful and easily accessible to a wider audience.

The aim is to present a brief overview which can be used to develop gender programming or reporting - and stimulate discussion and further research. This is critical for the Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) because it ensures that the Institute is able to serve as a hub for information on all aspects of gender issues in the Arab world. These reports will be used as references and shared on our website (and Facebook and Twitter) and will be a critical first step in positioning us as a resource and a knowledge hub for the region. 

Lebanon Gender Profile

Jordan Gender Profile

Morocco Gender Profile

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Egypt Gender Profile

Tunisia Gender Profile