Submission Guidelines

Al-Raida welcomes submissions not only from academics and researchers but also from activists and practitioners. Al-Raida publishes scholarly articles that undergo a double-blind peer-reviewing process, as well as creative pieces, reflections by activists, viewpoints, interviews, short stories, poems, photographic essays, conference reports, as well as reviews on topics across a wide range of disciplines.

All submissions undergo a screening process and are initially reviewed by the editorial committee of Al-Raida to make sure that the contributions adhere to the journal’s submission guidelines. IWSAW reserves the right to accept/reject the submissions received. Accepted submissions will be edited according to journal standards. Contributors will be given designated periods to submit revisions to content and style as recommended by Al-Raida’s editorial committee and by the blind-reviewers. If previously accepted articles do not adequately address mutually agreed upon revisions by the deadline, IWSAW reserves the right to reject the publication of the article.

Articles submitted for publication should follow the APA style guide and should be sent directly to:

Scholarly articles must include the following:

- 6,000-8,000 words (including notes and references)
- 300 word abstract
- 5-6 keywords
- Separate page with the title of the paper, and author’s name, affiliation, full contact details, and a brief biographical statement (up to 40 words).

The Editorial Committee of Al-Raida will inform the authors within 2 weeks of submission whether or not their submissions will be sent for review. The submissions in this section will be anonymously reviewed by two blind reviewers. A decision about acceptability for publication will usually be taken within 4 to 6 weeks of submission to the reviewers. Acceptance of articles for publication will then be subject to modification as suggested by the reviewers. 

Note: In case of disagreement between two blind reviewers, a third reviewer will be consulted for a final decision.

All Other Submissions - such as creative pieces, reflections by activists, viewpoints, interviews, short stories, poems, photographic essays, conference reports - must include the following:

- 1,500- 4,500 words depending on the submission
- include a short bio data (up to 40 words).
- Endnotes (rather than footnotes) - not exceeding 7 or 8 (no more than 40 words per endnote)
- In-text citations for endnotes containing references
- References should be restricted to works cited in the text.

These pieces are not sent out to be peer-reviewed and are selected by the editorial committee of Al-Raida. All contributions must not be under consideration by any other publication.