Al-Raida Journal: Incarcerated Arab Women

No. 95-96, Fall–Winter 2001–2002

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Table of contents

Section Page
Editorial 2
Opinion 4
Research Notes 5
Quote/Unquote 6
News Briefs 7
IWSAW News 8
File Intro 9
International human rights instruments and laws 10
Women in detention in the Middle East 15
Women in Lebanese prisons 25
Status of female prisoners in Yemen 33
Egypt: Violations of women’s rights in places of detention 35
Jordan: Imprisonment to protect women against crimes of honor 40
Summary: Amnesty International report 42
Attributes and determinants of female criminality 45
An international organization for human rights in prisons 49
Write up 51
Special Features
A testimony from Palestine 56
Workshop report 59
Book Review
La Prisonniere 61
Prison is a Wild Society 62
Discourse of Darkness 63