Al-Raida Journal: Sexuality and Arab Women

No. 99, Fall 2002

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Table of Contents

Feature Page
Research Notes5
News Briefs7
File Intro11
Women, sexuality and social change in the Middle East and the Maghreb12
Orientalism and representationa of Muslim women as sexual objects23
The importance of genital mutilations to gender power politics33
Harassment, honor, gossip and the reputation of young women in Jordan44
Body image and breast cancer49
Abortion in Lebanon: Practice and legality55
Let’s talk about virginity59
“Le désir amputé,” Sexual experience of Lebanese women: 15 years later61
Roundtable: Sexuality68
Red lips72
Premarital female sexuality in Morocco75
Arab lesbian websites: A brief overview84
Is there a lesbian identity in the Arab culture?86
Special Features
A young Lebanese woman talks about her lesbian identity, her relationships and her perspective on homosexuality91
Conference Report
Arab women journalists slam Palestine/Iraq sieges, urge skills upgrade95
Online journalistm and development of the Arab media97