Al-Raida Journal: Non-Arab Women in the Arab World

No. 101-102, Spring–Summer 2003

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Table of Contents

Feature Page
Editorial: Triply Detached2
Opinion: On Being a Single White Arab Woman in Sudan4
News Briefs8
Book review: Gender and Citizenship in the Middle East87
File: Non-Arab Women in the Arab World
The Role of Young Women in Berber Society12
The Origins of Amazigh Women’s Power in North Africa: An Historical Overview17
Armenian Women In Jordan24
The Street of Slaves27
In Service to the Movement33
Tâlibât l-Ilm in Morocco: The Non-Arab Woman Ethnographer as Student of the World36
Flights of Fancy: On Settling in a Feminine “Home” in Morocco40
Mazes of Boundaries, Identities, Memories and Longings: Letters Between Two Border Passing Women44
Writing their Own Way: American Women, Palestine’s Bedouins and Issues of Safety in the Nineteenth Century52
“When One Sits Among The People:” Lucie Duff Gordon’s Letters from Egypt58
The Doubly Bound World of Kurdish Women63
Ingrid Jaradat Gassner: An Austrian Media Activist in Palestine67
Arda Arsenian Ekmekji: An Armenian-Lebanese Academician Recounts71
Experiencing Feminism as “De-Foreignizing”74
To be an Arab or not to be… that is the question!77
Attitudes Toward Mixed Marriages in Bahrain: The Eroticization of Class79
The Denial of Citizenship: The case of Arab women’s rights to pass on their nationality84