Al-Raida Journal: Arab Women in Civil Society

No. 97-98, Spring–Summer 2002

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Table of Contents

Feature Page
Editorial 2
Opinion 4
Research Notes 5
Quote/Unquote 6
News Briefs 7
IWSAW News 8
File Intro 10
Citizenship, Civil Society and Women in the Arab Region 12
Women’s Organizations in the Arab World 22
Overview: Women’s Participation in Employers and Workers Organizations 28
Women in Egyptian Civil Society 30
Case Study: The Role of Women’s Civic Organizations in Sudan 38
Bahraini Women and Municipal Elections 43
Interviews: Lina Dannaoui and Nisrine Mansour 46
The Role of the UN Agencies in Women’s Development in Lebanon 52
On Combating Violence Against Women 56
Special Features
Reconciling Western and Arab Feminisms 62
Toujan Al-Faisal 66
Report: Gathering of Women Civil Activists 68
Book Review
Daughters of the Nile 70
A Leadership Training Handbook for Women 71