Al-Raida: Upcoming issue on Gender and Revolution(s)

We have started to collect pieces for our upcoming issue of Al-Raida on Gender and Revolution(s). Given the current mobilizations in Lebanon, Iraq, and most recently in Iran, we want to highlight both the important role of women and the ways that gender itself has been operationalized in these movements. This issue is not specific to Lebanon, but will aim to cover the wider region. 

Questions might include: 

Submissions for this issue can include poetry, prose, research articles, journalistic pieces, personal narratives, and artistic submissions. Further, in order to include as many submissions as possible, we are allowing submissions of a shorter length (including 500-1000 words); however, regular-length submissions are of course still welcomed. 

Please send your submissions to with a short personal biography (no more than 200 words). We will let you know as soon as possible about the status of your submission.