Director’s Update: January 2018

To kick off 2018,

We organized:

-       A Food4Thought on Gender in the Qu’ran, presented by Dr. Maria Dakake.  The talk included a thorough analysis of the Qu’ran, followed by a lively discussion about specific verses.

-      A training for SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon Social Workers on the use of the Basic Living Skills Program (BLSP) educational kit, to build their capacities and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to help improve the lives of children, youth, and families.

-      A human rights discussion about “Improving Livelihoods and Increasing Socio-Economic Opportunities in Situations of Ongoing Insecurity.” Participating CSOs talked about the insecurity situation in Lebanon, in addition to the means at their disposal to improve livelihoods of Lebanese people as well as refugees.

We honored:

-       Mrs Mona Chemali Khalaf, our beloved ex-Director of IWSAW, in an event held on January 25, 2018, honoring her life and accomplishments, and featuring ex-colleagues, friends, and family. May she rest in peace.

We met:

-       With AUB students to discuss the possibility of involving LAU student clubs on a panel during a youth and student led conference around Title IX.

We attended:

-       A training on Participatory Action Research & Data Collection, within Direct Action for Women: Reform, Inclusion, and Confidence Project (DAWRIC).

-       A training on Monitoring & Evaluation prepared by BALADI Cap.