Support for Incarcerated Women

Guide for Working in Women Prisons in Lebanon

The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World launched the “Guide for Working in Women Prisons in Lebanon”. The guide was funded by the United Nations Population Fund. Anita Nassar, the assistant director of IWSAW, is the author.

The guide aims to help those wishing to implement projects in women’s prisons by providing general information on rights and status of women prisoners in Lebanon, as well as a 1999-2010 comparative study on women’s situation in prison.

The guide targets a wide array of groups, mainly: local civil society (especially social workers) and international bodies dealing with the affairs of prisons in Lebanon; religious institutions; officials and decision-makers in charge of prison management.

Women Prison Project

IWSAW was funded to buy items that the women prisoners are in dire need of. Following are the items that were purchased as per the amounts allotted by the fund: hygiene pads, bath soap bars, bath sponge, laundry detergents (5kg/pack), hair shampoo gallons (4kg/gallon), bed sheets, underwear.