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This year, six students in total received the Mary Turner Lane Award. The first three students won it for Best Reflection Paper on Women and Gender.

Carla Richa, the first recipient of the award, wrote a piece called “My Personal Experience with my Grandmother and Mother”.

The second recipient, Emma Harfouche, wrote a paper entitled “A Modern Proposal”.

Tala Lakiss, with her piece, “Bluebeard” was the third recipient of the award.

The three other students received the award for Best Research Paper on Women and Gender.

Fadia Habib, who wrote “The Stolen Childhood.”, was the fourth recipient of the award.

The fifth person to have won the award was Muna Saeed, with a piece entitled “Gender, Islam and International Frame-Works in Yemen”.

The sixth winner, Khaled Rajeh, wrote a research paper on “The Moral Landscape and Women’s Agency: Towards a Feminist Theory of Transnational Responsibilities”


The first recipient of the Award was Caitlin Smith. She received it for Best Research Paper entitled “Situating Feminization of Migration from Southeast Asia within Migration Theories”, Caitlin sheds  light on the lack of a gendered approach to migration, she invites academics and policy makers to stop considering the trend of migration rather than the determining factors behind individual decision to migrate, which affects significantly women. She focuses in her paper not on; “what makes women migrate”, rather on “what makes more women migrate than men?”

The second recipient was Maria Zmeter. She received the Award for Best Short Essay, Maria embarked on a critical analysis of Mona Elthaway’s work entitled “Why Do they hate us?” Maria’s paper not only challenged the author’s approach she also gave counter examples to support her claims, that women in the Arab world have witnessed minor advancements in the past decade. She calls for a revolution in the name of women, however social change, she explains, mustn’t breed aggression and hatred towards the opposite gender, asserting that we should thrive to a harmonious balanced and gender equal society.

In addition to the monetary prize of $250, both papers will be published in Al-Raida Journal.


From left: Dr. Aghacy, President Dr. Jabbra and Serine Jaafar

From left: Dr. Aghacy, President Dr. Jabbra and Yara Nahle

The first recipient of the Award was Serine Jaafar whose challenging and thought-provoking paper focuses on the boundaries between sanity and madness and the association of the feminine with space rather than time. The paper titled Madness and Notions of Gender Within Alternative Spaces/Times in Mrs. Dalloway and The God of Small Things was supervised by Dr. Janine Aboushi, Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature.

The second recipient was Yara Nahle whose fascinating paper on the Iranian visual artist Shirine Neshat titled Shirine Neshat at the Intersection of Overlapping Identities revolves around Iranian notions of femininity in relation to the prevailing political and religious structures. The work of Yara was supervised by Dr. Yasmin Taan, Associate Professor and Chair of the Design Department.

In addition to the monetary prize of $500, both papers will be published in Al-Raida Journal.

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