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Food 4 Thought: A ZERO Waste Lebanon!

“A ZERO Waste Lebanon”! That’s what IWSAW believes in.

Supporting the environment and our Mother Earth was the theme of our February 2017 monthly speaking series “Food for Thought”, which was held on Thursday February 2nd, 2017.

IWSAW hosted Mr.  Ziad Abi Chaker, Chief Executive Officer of Cedar Environmental. Mr. Abi Chaker talked about recycling in Lebanon and how we can reach a zero waste country.

After the screening of a very interesting documentary “A Zero Waste Lebanon”, he opened the floor to discussion. Mr. Ziad insisted on the major role that each and every one of us can play by taking the initiative and sorting the garbage into two bags: the BLACK bag for organic matter and paper, and the BLUE one for everything else.

Mr. Abi Chaker emphasized that we have an opportunity to transform our garbage into clothes, furniture, green zones and gardens. Let’s not waste our garbage and transform it into the wealth of our country!

Thank you Ziad for this enlightening talk and for caring about Lebanon. Together we can make a change- all it takes are two colors for a zero waste society!

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