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Food 4 Thought: Smart Sex!

Concerned about the lack of dialogue on the topic, IWSAW organized a Food 4 Thought and Q&A session titled “Smart SEX!” to discuss sexuality, contraception, and other frequently avoided but decisive sexual health issues.

The event hosted Clinical Assistant Professor at LAU’s School of Pharmacy Ghada El Khoury, and Clinical Associate Professor Wissam KabbaraOur speakers explained that the lack of information in Lebanon causes young people to turn to pornography or ask their friends, and this leaves the youth very vulnerable to coercion, abuse, exploitation, unwanted pregnancies, and sexually transmitted diseases.

In Dr. Abirafeh’s words, IWSAW’s director, “in our culture, this topic tends to be discussed with a lot of embarrassment, drama, and restrictions, preventing young people from being comfortable with expressing their needs and rights.”

Talking about sex is not an invitation to engage in sexual activity, on the contrary it allows us to eliminate misconceptions, dangerous practices, and perilous implications on one’s sexual health.