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Women in Leadership…A New Tomorrow

On May 12, 2016, IWSAW organized its Food 4 Thought session about Women and Leadership: “Women in Leadership…A New Tomorrow”. The informal discussion brought together LAU Provost Dr. George K. Najjar, faculty members and staff from the LAU community as well as successful professional women from outside LAU.

Our guest speaker, LAU trustee Cherilyn Murer, also founder, president and CEO of Murer Consultants talked about the challenges facing women in leadership.

Murer shared with the audience anecdotes from her personal life and reflected on the obstacles women face while climbing the ladder of success. Murer mentioned that one of the key elements of her success was that “as a business entrepreneur [she] learned to never forget that [she is] a woman”. She also emphasized the important role men play in women’s professional development.

More details about the Food 4 Thought session are found in this LAU News article.