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Food 4 Thought: Launching IWSAW’s animated song: “In My Hand” بإيدي

IWSAW’s September Food for thought theme was “If you’ve seen injustice and did not move, then through the years what will improve?”

The guest speakers were the producers of the song, Michelle & Noel Keserwany, the female singer Lynn Jbeily, and IWSAW’s director, Dr. Lina Abirafeh, who was the master mind behind the song! Distinguished with their great enthusiasm and positive energy, the team makers of the song talked about the challenges they faced during the creation of the song that took eight months: “We had to be very careful with every detail in order not to insult anyone”.

The team further stressed on the importance of portraying the woman in a non-victimizing way, as well as on the importance of illustrating a male figure in the song.

After all – equality is better for everyone!