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Screening: Not Who We Are


IWSAW and the LAU Alumni Relations Office hosted a public screening of Not Who We Are, a documentary directed by the Lebanese filmmaker Carol Mansour, on November 18 at LAU’s Beirut campus.

The film highlights the plight of Syrian women who fled to Lebanon due to the war in Syria. The real-life stories —narrated by Afra’a, Umm Omar, Umm Raed, Samar and Siham— offer a glimpse of the losses and daily struggle for survival these women have suffered as a result of displacement.

The women brave this hardship with astonishing resilience and determination to survive in the hope of returning to their beloved country.

More details about the event and the film are found in this LAU News article.

Carol Mansour introduces the documentary at IWSAW’s screening. The quote on the background reads: “‘It is now more dangerous to be a woman than to be a soldier in modern conflict.’ — Major General Patrick Cammaert, UN Military Advisor.”