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Film Screening: “Living in the 21st Century: Women Recounting their Stories”

The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) in collaboration with Women’s Voices Now, an organization whose mission is to empower women and give voice to women, organized a film screening on May 9, 2012 entitled Living in the 21st Century: Women Recounting their Stories. The films screened offered a glimpse of what women all over the world are going through. The films depicted the lives of women in patriarchal societies, and the various forms of exploitation, discrimination, and violence they are subjected to in such societies. Major themes addressed included crimes of honor, disability, polygamy and polyandry, the stigma surrounding breast cancer, veiling/unveiling, queer identity, etc.

Catinca Tabacaru, Director and General Counsel of Women’s Voices Now along with Suzie Abdou, Director of Global Programs at Women’s Voices Now, were present during the screening and participated in the panel discussion that took place along with IWSAW director Dima Dabbous-Sensenig and Ghida Anani, Director of ABAAD Resource Center for Gender Equality. The panel discussion raised very important points related to the power of films in raising awareness about gender-based violence and other gender related issues. The panel discussion also triggered many insightful interventions from the audience - which included LAU students, faculty, and staff as well as journalists, human rights and women’s rights activists. A lively debate ensued with respect to women’s empowerment, and the importance of engaging men in the fight to end gender-based discrimination.