Gender in Development and Humanitarian Assistance Certificate (GDHA)

What is the Gender in Development and Humanitarian Assistance (GDHA) Certificate?

  • A continuing education program targeting students and practitioners
  • Organized by the Arab Institute for Women (AiW) and the Continuing Education (CE) at the Lebanese American University with Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)
  • Provides skills to address the full range of gender issues in development and humanitarian contexts
  • Critical for policymakers and practitioners, researchers and academics, activists and advocates
  • Uses an active and engaged learning approach involving practical workshops, with an emphasis on reflective and collaborative learning

How is the GDHA Certificate structured?

  • 10 courses covering all critical aspects of this field
  • Five courses are CORE – including topics such as gender equality, gender in development, gender and humanitarian assistance – everyone needs these!
  • Five courses are specialized – participants select ONE stream to focus on:
  1. Gender Integration supports mainstreaming of gender issues across development and humanitarian work
  2. Gender-based Violence provides technical skills in GBV prevention, response, monitoring, and coordination
  3. Gender and Conflict addresses the women, peace, and security agenda
  • To get a certificate, complete the full 10 courses (with a minimum attendance of 80%) – this takes around six months, depending on courses and your own pace of learning
  • Per course a student will on average have three hours of classroom time and three hours of preparation and study
  • It is possible to take individual courses – you’ll receive certificates for those courses
  • Classes are evenings and weekends - on the LAU Beirut campus or remotely through web-conferencing – check the schedule online for details

Why do I need a GDHA Certificate?

  • Relevant for governmental and non-governmental organizations, donor agencies, UN and other multinational institutions, civil society
  • Provides technical marketable skills in gender programming to address gender inequalities
  • Contextualizes internationally-recognized good practice for the Arab world
  • Builds Arab capacity to address Arab development and humanitarian challenges
  • Offers access to jobs with international and national agencies, government, civil society, academia, and much more!

What are the costs of the GDHA Certificate?

  • Full certificate: US$ 3,480 ; Discounted rates are available for groups (3+)
  • It is possible to customize courses for groups outside of Lebanon and to provide fast-track diplomas as long as there is a group of at least 12 participants – for customized options, ask us!


Kindly follow this link for the program overview, and application form.