Internship Opportunities

Student financial aid (non-paid)

Every year LAU supports hundreds of students through its financial aid program to keep education accessible to all youth from diverse backgrounds. AiW embraces each semester at least 10 students from different faculties to help LAU accomplish its mission.

Student employment (paid)

In accordance with LAU policies, AiW provides limited part-time work opportunities to currently enrolled students with special work skills.

Interns and doctorate degree candidates (non-paid)

Interns and candidates for a Doctorate degree with emphasis on gender and women’s issues are offered the opportunity to access AiW resources to help expand their knowledge and build their capacity into this specific field.

Internship for graduate students (non-paid)

AiW offers internship opportunities to graduate students to contribute in the research and current projects undertaken by AiW.

Volunteers on special programs (non-paid)

AiW is always keen to invite and encourage all LAU students to participate in its activities, lectures, and campaigns, especially in programs pertaining to gender equality and gender-based violence.

If you are interested to join the team, please fill the application!

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