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Noor Hoteit- Competition WinnerNoor Hoteit- Competition Winner

Call For Papers - Edited Volume on Young Arab Women Beyond Boundaries and Borders

The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World at the Lebanese American University is issuing a call for papers focused on feminist movements for gender equality and women’s rights across the region. The call is targeting young Arab women as the main contributors, in an attempt to highlight the voices and stories of those actively participating in these movements.

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In My Hand - بئيدي - Song on Gender Equality


The Institute for Women’s Studies in the Arab World (IWSAW) at the Lebanese American University (LAU) focuses on advancing women’s empowerment and gender equality through research, education, development programs, and outreach at the national, regional, and international levels. IWSAW works at the intersection of academia and activism.

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Director’s Update: November 2017 Update

In November,

We organized

-       Food 4 Thought: Transgender Women in Lebanon, with guest speakers Cynthia el Khoury, Research Director, and Sara Wehbe, Peer Facilitator, discussing their groundbreaking work on the Baynetna project.

We attended

-       The 51st annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA)  in Washington, DC, from November 18-21. MESA is one of the largest US conferences to address Middle East Studies.

We screened

-       “Women in Time”, a documentary that traces the women’s movement in Lebanon since its inception in 1973. The screening was held at the LAU New York Academic Center and was followed by a Q&A session with IWSAW’s Associate Director, Myriam Sfeir.

We launched

-       “Equality for Everyone: Gender Reform from Grassroots to Government”, funded by the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI). The project aims at encouraging political participation between marginalized civil society organizations and local and national government.

We organized

-       “National Government Buy-In and Leadership”, a workshop organized through the Human Rights Network, given by Lina Alameddine, Director of Partnership for Development and Democracy.  The objective of the workshops was to focus on providing CSOs with assistance and advice on how to develop constructive relationships with government at the national level.

-       “Addressing specific human rights and protection concerns in humanitarian contexts”, a discussion led by Lina Abirafeh, Director of IWSAW. The discussion focused on the need to protect vulnerable groups in humanitarian crises, specifically women subjected to GBV.

-       “Security for Women”, a course given by the Humanitarian Preparedness Centre,to provide women with understanding of the elements that contribute and influence personal risk and how to identify and manage the risk.

We returned

-       to Byblos! Our new offices are located in the Frem Civic Center, Level 5, LAU Byblos Campus.

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